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Personality and Career Assessment

(Last updated 9/10)




Information on Specific Careers


All About My Job                (

Eclectic collection from real people doing real jobs in all walks of life.

Art Therapy              (

Career information maintained by professional art therapy association.

Audio Engineering             (
This site, maintained by the audio engineering society, has links to schools where a student may study audio engineering, internships, as well as a description of the career itself.

Backdoor Jobs                     (

These are short term, mostly summer jobs in interesting fields that give students a taste of careers in these following areas: adventure jobs, camps, ranches & resort jobs, winter ski resort, jobs in the outdoor, nature lover jobs, sustainable living & farming work, artistic & learning adventures, heartfelt work and transitions abroad.

Become a Travel Agent      (

Discover how, from the site of the American Society of Travel Agents. Or, if you need to find a travel school, visit the online member directory and select "Travel Schools" as the business type. You can narrow your search by location.

Biology Career Information        (

Links to web sites with information on biology related careers.

Career Choices       (

Comprehensive site from the University of Manitoba provides links to career information ranging from accountant to writer.

Career Cornerstone           (

A resource center for those interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Comprehensive education, networking, job hunting, and career planning resources revolve around personal interviews with over 400 individuals who offer candid insight into their career paths.

Career Overview                (

This free site provides reliable and up to date career information and reviews in a large variety of fields. The data is provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Careers in Botany               (

Comprehensive career information from the Botanical Society of America.

Careers in Business                       (

Designed to help you find a satisfying job in the business world. Whether you're angling for a fast track investment banking job or a fulfilling nonprofit career, you'll find what you're looking for here. Careers in Business brings you with the latest scoop on various business career areas including jobs, salaries, what people are saying and entry requirements.

Careers in Communications        (

Students frequently ask: “What is communication and what can I do with a communication degree? What kind of job can a communication major get and how do I choose the right school?” If you are asking these questions, the table of contents is designed to take you directly to the answers. If you need more information than what is contained here, you’ll find a list of electronic and printed resources.

Careers in Dentistry                      (

Career information and lists of schools where students can prepare to be a dentist, dental hygienist, dental lab technician, or dental assistant.

Careers in Engineering Technology & Technology (

Site sponsored by the state of NY clarifies the differences between two and four year degrees in this field.

Careers in the Geosciences  (

Guide to geoscience careers and employers, careers brochure, online careers video, geoscientist profiles, guide to geoscience departments and articles about working in the field.

Careers in Medicine          (

Site sponsored by the American Association of Medical Colleges has links to: career information, how to make the decision, getting into medical school and financial planning.

Careers in Marine Science  (

Site with extensive links to information about careers in marine biology, oceanography, zoos, and marine science.

Careers in Science and Engineering                 

While this planning guide was written for college students considering graduate school, the goal setting and evaluation process could pertain to someone in high school considering this career field.

Careers in Special Education      (

NCPSE is a government-sponsored clearinghouse that provides an overview of the profession along with links to financial assistance, employment resources, a research library, and professional networks.

Careers in Foreign Language


Extensive list from the University of Buffalo.

Civil Engineering   (

Site run by he American Society of Civil Engineers gives young people the information they need to determine if this is a good career choice for them.

Construct Your Future      (

Schools, scholarships, and career information for the construction industry.

Court Reporters & Broadcast Captioners        (
This objective site put out by a professional organization describes job responsibilities, salary, and employment outlook.

Dentistry                               (
Career information and links to university programs maintained by the American Dental Association.

Discover Engineering        (

Lots of people don't really understand what engineering is, especially all of its specialties. Visit this site to find out more and play cool engineering games.

Discover Nursing                            (

Get the basics on the field, find a nursing program in your area, or search through hundreds of nurse scholarships.

Engineering: Your Future            (
A guide for high school students interested in engineering and technology for high school students. Information on 20+ engineering specialties and places to study.

Engineering Week                          (

Collection of career information links for young people interested in engineering.

FBI Employment                            (

See what it takes to become an FBI agent and why some posts are more dashing than others. At the Finance Division you'll pour over payroll rather than case bank robbers.

Flying Fish                                       (

Flying Fish trains and recruits yacht skippers and sail, dive, surf, windsurf, kitesurf, ski and snowboard instructors. After training, you can get a professional job in sailing, diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, skiing or snowboarding.

Gemological Institute of America                      (

If you are interested in being a jeweler, this professional site has links to education opportunities all over the country as well as on line.

Get Technology                               (

GetTech helps students, teachers and parents plan for exciting careers in technology, engineering, manufacturing and science.


GORP Jobs              (

This site profiles jobs for the adrenalin-addicted. Some of the jobs include adventure writer, climbing guide and therapeutic recreation specialist. You'll also find general career advice and discussion forums.

Guide to Zoo Careers        (

Site sponsored by Seaworld and Busch Gardens discusses what it's like to work with animals at their parks as well as zoo careers in general.

Health Career Resource Center              (
Thinkquest site developed by students for those thinking about pursuing a medical career. The site does away with idealized notions about helping others and makes students aware of the many different job possibilities in medicine.

Health Web                          (

Site sponsored by the University of Michigan has links to information about varied health careers, training, professional organizations, licensure, etc.

Illicit Guide to Medical School Admissions    (

Current medical student has created this site to help other students considering this profession and the education it requires. Also included are many links that he has found to be useful to a premedical student.

Information Technology   

( prepare.asp)
The site created by Microsoft, describes how there are many different ways to enter the IT field, and the ongoing training that is required to maintain and advance.

Interior Design                   (

The American Society of Interior Designers is a nonprofit professional society representing the interior design community. Its site is host to all sorts of information -- from education to conference listings to photo tours of award-winning interiors.

Job Profiles                                     (

This site is organized in job clusters. Within each cluster, people from all walks of life have filled in questionnaires, answering many of the questions that students have as they research careers.

Marine Science Careers    (

The site will introduce you to a wide range of marine career fields and to people working in those fields. It features professionals in the field telling you what they like and dislike about their careers and what they see for the future in the field.

Massage Therapy                (

Career information and list of schools where you can learn massage therapy.

Military Careers                (

Career information for all branches of the military.

NASA Jobs                            (

Learn about working in outer space as a pilot or mission specialist. NASA's astronaut application is available on this site.

Net Vet                                  (

A comprehensive site with links to many others that contain information for students considering a vet career.

Nursing Net                          (
Site maintained by professionals in the field contains information on specific nursing specialties and links to nursing schools around the world.

Nurse Zone                           (

Assistance in choosing a program, selecting a school, securing financial assistance, getting connected with your peers and future colleagues.


Paleontology Careers        (

The Paleontological Research Institution describes what paleontologists study and tells the sad truth: good jobs are almost as scare as T. Rex skeletons.

Technology Careers           (

The Pathways to Technology website was produced by PBS to inform students about career opportunities in this ever changing field.

Tomorrow's Doctors         (

The American Association of Medical Colleges provides information and tools for current and future medical students. Explore careers in medicine, and find out how to pay for and get into medical school.

Women in Computer Science       (

Traditionally, men have outnumbered women in computer science and engineering, but that trend has been changing. Increasingly, women are becoming successful computer scientists and engineers, reaping the career benefits, and telling their stories. This site links you to the stories of successful women in the field.

Working with Animals (

You'd like to have a career working with animals, but aren't sure exactly what you want to do? This site offers suggestions to aid your search for the perfect job.